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Corporate Culture
To earn and sustain customers’ trust and satisfaction through continual innovation and dedication, aiming to achieve excellence in every segment of Innor Machinery. 

We – Which means all Innor employees are responsible for implementing our company mission statement, across all departments. We act in the interests of our customers.
Create – We plan, organize, repair, calculate, analyze, manufacture, process and advise. Individually, considerately and reliably, for every customer. 
Solutions – We use our skills in a targeted way, and offer perfectly tailored solutions. This increases customer satisfaction and our outstanding performance
About us
Reliability , Precision , Innovative, Global

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Add: No.9 Lingdong Road, Huadu District,                             Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
  • Phone: +86-20-86866688
    Email: innor@gzinnor.com
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